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Targeted Development Grant 2021-22

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The SAFC strongly recommends that applicants book a consultation before applying. This will ensure the application is best placed for a decision to be turned around within four weeks. Please contact Kath McIntyre at or on 8394 2008 to discuss your application.


The South Australian Film Corporation’s (SAFC) Terms of Trade provide the framework for how the
SAFC conducts its business, funding programs and initiatives and generally align with Screen
Australia’s Terms of Trade.

Please find a copy of the SAFC's Terms of Trade here.



State Government COVID-19 Directions apply to everyone living in, and entering South Australia. Everyone involved in the screen sector in South Australia has a role to play in minimising the transmission of COVID-19.  

More information can be found at

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For the purpose of this application the individual named above should be considered the applicant. The organisation may be used as the contracting entity for any grant funding if applicable.
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If your answer is no to this question you are not eligible to apply - see the SAFC General Guidelines and Terms of Trade.
Is the applicant a South Australian Resident or Company?
Please see the SAFC's Terms of Trade for the definition of South Australian Resident.
Will this project be produced and post-produced in South Australia?
If the project will only partly be produced or post-produced in South Australia please choose Other and explain with further details. SAFC will then review the application and determine its eligibility.
Is the applicant:
Please refer to the Targeted Development Guidelines for the SAFC definition of credited.